Terms & conditions



The service includes:

rent for days and km indicated in the contract, insurance (ensures damage caused to third parties, with a maximum amount of 5,164,569.00 euros), green card (for the extension of the insurance abroad), theft and fire (ensures the total or partial loss of the vehicle following robbery or fire theft, with a deductible ranging from € 600.00 to € 1,000.00 depending on the extent of the damage), special events (as a result of strikes, riots, acts vandalism and malicious in general, terrorism, sabotage, floods, storms, hail etc. with a deductible ranging from € 600.00 to € 1,000.00 depending on the extent of the damage), kasko (ensures the damage caused by the vehicle to cause of impact, collision, overturning with a deductible ranging from € 600.00 to € 1,000.00 depending on the extent of the damage), accidents of the driver, rc of the vehicle parked in a private area, rc. Carriers for damages unintentionally caused to third parties in relation to facts connected with the circulation of the insured vehicle, VAT, oil, maintenance, mechanical failures not due to negligence of the user.


The service does not include: fuel, final cleaning with emptying tanks, punctures, tire breaks with relative rims.

The fixed exit fee included in the total estimate calculated via the internet or communicated by the booking office is € 55.00 and includes: a gas cylinder (if you need another tank the cost is € 30.00) , toilet liquids and water-soluble toilet paper, cable for 220 connection, water hose for eventual refueling and wedges.

When picking up the vehicle, 30% of the entire rental will be required, the balance on departure and a deposit of € 1000.00 which must be delivered either by CIRCULAR CHECK MADE TO CAMPERIS SpA or by CREDIT CARD (for rentals with non-rental periods) over 10 days).




The use of the rented vehicle must be carried out in such a way as to remain, in any case, covered by the insurance stipulated for it.


The user undertakes to use the vehicle with the utmost diligence, in order to protect the safety of the persons transported and the integrity of the third parties, as well as the things and the rented vehicle.


In particular, the vehicle cannot be used and driven:


For specific purposes other than relocation and housing. In particular, the following are incompatible with this contract: 1) sub-rental 2) his loan (free loan) to people who are not among those declared by the customer as part of the equipment 3) the operation, by vehicle, of any business, for any reason, such as the transport of people, things, the sale of goods, etc.


In conditions of overloading and with more people on board than authorized on the vehicle registration document.


On unpaved or off-road routes.


From persons under the age of 21 (and with a seniority of less than two years) or over 70 years and / or without a valid license.


From people in unsuitable conditions that do not comply with the traffic regulations of the country in which they are used (fatigue, drunkenness, disability, even temporary or under the influence of drugs, etc.).


For illicit purposes.


For towing trailers not authorized by CAMPERIS SpA.


For competitions or competitions.


At speeds higher than those permitted by the traffic regulations of the country in which it is used and the maximum dictated by the manufacturer.


The use of the vehicle in violation of even one of the provisions contained in point 5 will result in the complete loss of the deposit paid and immediate withdrawal of the vehicle, in addition to compensation for all damage caused to the vehicle, to CAMPERIS SpA, and to third parties.


Furthermore, any civil, criminal or administrative liability that may arise from the violation of this article will be the responsibility of the user, the user will promptly reimburse CAMPERIS SpA for any sums advanced by the same for any infringements committed or will provide for the direct payment of the same.


The user declares to know the rules concerning the insurance of motor vehicles in Italy, the rules of the highway code and all the regulations in force in the country of use.


Custody of the vehicle: during the stops the user undertakes to leave the vehicle in guarded parking and, in any case, closed. The user will be called upon to respond and will in any case be held liable for any damage in any way attributable to failure to keep the rented vehicle in the manner indicated. In the event that such damages exceed in their amount the amount of the deposit paid by the user, he will be obliged to pay them in full, and in any case beyond the value of this deposit.


Transport of animals: the transport of pets will be subject to a case-by-case assessment by CAMPERIS SpA; in the event that CAMPERIS SpA is not informed of the transport of animals, the latter will be authorized to withhold the entire security deposit.

If they cause damage to the vehicle it will be our right to charge the customer for the cost of the repair.




The insurances are those listed in Article 1.1 the user undertakes not to carry out conduct and facts that may cause the cancellation or inapplicability of the insurance protection of the policy referred to in Article 1.1 which declares to have read also in the general conditions to which it adheres.


They are not covered by insurance: personal effects, clothes or other items carried and in addition the insurance is void in the event of driving intoxication, or under the influence of drugs and if the landlord has provided false information about his identity, address etc. or by submitting forged or inaccurate documents.


The insurance also has value only for the countries covered by the green card and therefore forbidden to circulate with vehicles rented by CAMPERIS SpA in countries not included in the green card.


Driver insurance is mandatory.



– damage to the vehicle, CAMPERIS SpA.


The user will be directly responsible for any violation of traffic and parking laws.


In any case of theft of the vehicle, all or part of the equipment, fire or accident, the user must notify CAMPERIS SpA within 24 hours by fax or email to info@pec.caravancentermodena.it. Failing this he will be directly responsible for any damage or loss deriving from failure to notify the company whether they are the responsibility of the vehicle, CAMPERIS SpA or third parties.


In the event of damage caused to third-party property or suffered by third parties, the user must complete in all its parts the friendly accident report form and possibly have it signed by the other party. We remind you that it is mandatory to request the intervention of the authorities in the event of injuries, the inability of a vehicle to continue driving, unable to check the insurance of the counterparty. o to the verification and to make sure that on the reports or incident reports are reported generalities and addresses of the persons involved, of the witnesses and the license plates of the vehicles involved. Important: photograph the place of the accident and if possible the damage of the other party and if it is necessary to draw up a statement of the dynamics of the facts from the driver and witnesses. It will be the user’s responsibility to obtain a copy of the minutes from the police authority and send a copy to CAMPERIS SpA within 48 hours of the accident. Furthermore, the user will not be able to accept responsibility or compromise disputes, in any case do not commit, in relation to CAMPERIS SpA.


Furthermore, at the user’s charge, where the damages have been procured by him, the daily cost of the vehicle stopped for repairs, which will be charged at the daily rental rate in force on that date.


The user also authorizes CAMPERIS SpA, in the event of damage to the vehicle to collect and retain the entire security deposit, up to the time of compensation by the insurance company. The deposit, minus the amount not refunded by the insurance and the other deductions provided by the conditions, as applicable, will be returned to the user for compensation by the insurance.


In the event of violation of the traffic regulations and the provisions of the following articles 9 and 10, the user will be responsible for the entire amount of the damage or loss.




CAMPERIS SpA assumes no responsibility for any damage that the crew of its own vehicle and the things they own after the delivery of the vehicle to the user. CAMPERIS SpA will not be solely responsible for all deficiencies, failures or other defects not resulting from the delivery report that the user will have drawn up together with the manager of CAMPERIS SpA or its agents.


Likewise, CAMPERIS SpA is not responsible for mistakes that may occur due to involuntary delays, mechanical failures, negligence by service personnel, trip interruptions or delays due to illness, natural disasters, strikes, wars, inclement weather, quarantine etc.


In the event of a forced trip interruption, the user must promptly inform CAMPERIS SpA and in any case within the first 24h, so that it can provide for the recovery of the vehicle in the most appropriate way by charging the relative expenses to the user.


Likewise CAMPERIS SpA will not be responsible for unintentional delays or delays due to CAMPERIS SpA and occurring before delivery of the vehicle or in conjunction with the same.


Furthermore, CAMPERIS SpA will not be responsible for any event that occurs after the delivery of the camper and would make it partially or totally impossible to use the vehicle as illness or other impediments of the user, including the impossibility of using the vehicle provided for by him, for claims even if caused by third parties and covered by insurance, natural disasters, strikes, wars, quarantine, theft of the vehicle, etc. In these cases the user is still required to pay the entire rental.


CAMPERIS SpA reserves the right to extend the rental period foreseen by this contract due to mechanical failures, other impediments or delays due to force majeure. In the event of delays exceeding 48 hours, CAMPERIS SpA will promptly notify the user who may to obtain the reimbursement of the amount paid and the cancellation of the contract without the other being owed by CAMPERIS SpA for compensation.


No reduction or refund will also be granted for early returns not agreed with CAMPERIS SpA.




The user declares to have inspected the vehicle and the on-board equipment and to have found the good maintenance conditions and absence of obvious defects, such as the compliance of the envelope with the attached inventory.


On return the vehicle must be returned in the same condition in which it was delivered, with the same quantity of fuel delivered and in good hygienic conditions and in a perfect state of cleanliness inside and with the WC tanks and dirty water completely emptied (the exhaust valves they must be opened) in the event of non-compliance by the user, € 25.00 will be charged for emptying the tank and for cleaning assessed based on the degree of dirt inside the vehicle.


The user must compensate CAMPERIS SpA for all damages, deficiencies, defects of the vehicle and of the equipment found at the time of return of the same or, if not immediately available, affixed to the user within 24h of the return.


Odometer: in the event of a fault on the odometer, the user must immediately inform CAMPERIS SpA in the event of tampering with the odometer detected on his return, the user will be charged with the sum of 400 km per day for each day of rental.


Maintenance: the user undertakes to take care of the maintenance of the vehicle entrusted to him with the utmost management, in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance booklet, to protect the water systems against frost, to proceed with changing the engine oil if provided during its journey, the cost of which will be reimbursed by CAMPERIS SpA at 100% upon presentation of an invoice, to perform any other service necessary to keep the vehicle in perfect working order.




Expenses related to the repair of mechanical failures, not attributable to the absence of ordinary diligence and / or made by the user and by these anticipated, will be reimbursed upon return upon presentation of an invoice addressed to CAMPERIS SpA analytically reporting the repairs carried out and accompanied by the parties eventually replaced.


Repair estimates must be authorized by CAMPERIS SpA.


Repairs must in any case take place when possible at workshops authorized by the vehicle manufacturer.


The user undertakes to resolve any problems arising during the rental period by making use of CAMPERIS SpA’s suggestions when possible.




Delivery and return of the vehicles will take place at the CAMPERIS SpA delivery center specified in the contract.


The rental period can be completed at any day of the week, except on public holidays.


From Monday to Saturday our centers remain open from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00. The times for pick-up and delivery of the vehicle are from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 17:30.

Outside the aforementioned times for pick-up and return, if accepted by a representative, a sum will be charged whose amount is foreseen by the price list.


If the vehicle is not returned to the location stipulated in the contract, the costs foreseen by the price list, the taking over of the vehicle, the transport to the agreed location, the days exceeding the rental period, will be charged to the user.




Should the user delay the return of the vehicle for any reason, he will be required to notify CAMPERIS SpA by fax or email to info@pec.caravancentermodena.it which may, where possible, authorize delayed delivery, indicating the terms and conditions.


The duration of the rental period cannot be extended unless CAMPERIS SpA confirms that it can be requested at least 2 days before the expiry date, in the absence of such communication, CAMPERIS SpA reserves the right, after 2 days from the agreed date for the redelivery to report the failed redelivery to the police authority.


In any case of delayed return of a vehicle not agreed upon, the user will be charged an amount equal to four times the daily rate for each day of delay or part thereof. For agreed delays the list price will be applied.


The return and delivery must be made at the time indicated on the booking. Otherwise it will be charged for half or full day based on the time of return.




For any dispute, the court of Modena will have jurisdiction, unless the law provides for the jurisdiction of another court.

Charges to be borne by the user: all costs relating to the possible transfer of the vehicle beyond any state border, those for obtaining visas, authorization to import or temporary export of everything that is present in the vehicle including on-board equipment provided by CAMPERIS SpA, will be borne by the user.